Student Life

First year experience

All first year students are now placed with a mentor to help usher you into your destiny. Today in corporate America, over 90 %  of Fortune 500 companies have mentor programs that help develop new leaders. We follow such a model for our students. 

Spiritual Life

Our students and staff have chapel via conference call once a week. This is a time for spiritual growth and renewal as we all grow and develop as next generation leaders. 

Community Services

The social ministries of Jesus Christ (clothing the naked, visiting the sick, giving to the poor, visiting those in prisons, feeding the hungry and serving the underserved populations) are crucial to developing ethical leaders. All students in the Women’s Ministry Program must perform and have on file – documentation of social ministries served before graduation. Students in other programs who wish to participate may discuss it with their Advisor.

Campus Activities and Clubs

  • Intercessory Prayer Groups
  • Yes My Child Can Tutors
  • Alpha & Omega
  • Chapel
  • Performing Arts Ministry
  • Christian Business Leaders of America

Alumni Association

Our alumni association is ready to assist and serve our current student body as mentors and life coaches. You will get inside information on how to become successful in business and life.