Our Programs

Women’s Ministry

This program provides unparallel training with a focus on Biblical Leadership. Our men and women have seen their knowledge of the word of God and have seen their own talents and gifts blossom under this program.

Certified Nursing Aide

The health care field has always been a major ministry of Jesus Christ. Some of the most recognizable hospitals in the world – Baptist, Methodist and St. Jude are Christian based.

Business Administration

Students will complete a general degree in Business Administration and will be knowledgeable in modern business theories, policies, and practices and be trained for modern leadership positions in the business field. The program is offered in a blended format – online and residential. In addition, completers of the program will have the skills for solid decision makings, leadership and problem solving. Graduates of the program can expect to be able to establish their own organization, be employed in middle and upper management level positions or work as Instructors at post secondary institutions.