Admission Informations

Scholarships and Grants

The majority of our students receive scholarships or a grant of some kind.  At William and Johnson, our academic advisors are also trained to get you as much money to fund your education as possible. 

Admission Requirements

All students must be high school graduates and or have a GED. ACT and SAT scores are required in certain areas so please check with your academic advisor. 

Transfer Students

Where applicable, your academic advisor will help you get as many credits approved as possible. 

Students with Disabilities

William and Johnson is one of the most accommodating institutions of higher education for students with disabilities in the country. All of our staff are trained to be sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities as well as to utilize their talents and gifts as we do all our students, in order to make our institution among the best in the country.


This one day event helps get students acclimated to what’s about to happen during the semester at William and Johnson. Orientation helps you to see that you made the right decision. 

Student Support

From our emergency support line, life coaches, mentors, faculty and staff, our student support services are exceptional. We not only find time for our students, at William and Johnson, to ensure their success, we make time for our students.